25 Year Old First Time Correcting Teeth Alignment - Little York, NJ

The major issue is the spacing. I have a little...

The major issue is the spacing. I have a little crowding on the top left and gaps on the bottom right and top right which seem to be caused by a baby tooth that never came out. The plan is to straighten and allow enough space to cover the baby canine with a crown. Currently, I'm on my 2nd aligner out of 24 so I have a long way to go. The next appointment I will get my engagers. The zero and phase 1 aligners rubbed against the connective tissue but with the 2nd aligner I haven't have to file them down or anything. Drinking luke warm water helps especially when switching aligners. Photos to come

1c aligner. 4 engagers added a week early

Went last Thursday for a teeth cleaning. I still had a week left for my 1B buy my aligners are already pretty loose. So my dentist decided to add the 4 planned engagers. The first few days taking put the top an bottom was rough. I always drink warm water before taking them out from the back. Now they comfortable.
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What does the warm water do?  I assume it's not hot enough to soften the trays.  Is it to soothe your mouth? :)
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Sorry for the typos. Yeah, I feel like the warm water soothes my mouth and make it much easier to put in and take out the trays for the first few days.
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We're very used to typos here, since community members cannot edit :D.  
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Interesting . You can read on my latest update how I'm getting the aligners out these days with the engagers in!
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Hello, and welcome to the Clear Correct community!  I look forward to seeing your pictures and following your progress :).  

Have you met any of our other current Clear Correct users?  smile43 is our newest before you.  ClearCorrectMyTeeth is also quite new. Jrowe8274 is on tray 1c (3 of 16). jwortham is just about to start phase 2, I think. LittleJessica is quite far along. Bbop is on tray 7, I think. Finally, DZappala has been going over a year at this point.
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