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3 years ago I had a crown put on. The tooth...

3 years ago I had a crown put on. The tooth forever bothered me. I've been to the dentist and no cavity. However, I have gotten 3 different dentist to look at crown and 2 out of 3 say that the crown looks high. One dentist said that this could have been the cause of my recent TMD. Has ayone heard of this? I am in the process of obtaining impression before crown was put on but dentist that did crown refuses to give it to me because I believe he knows that he will be liable. What is my next step??

I had the same problem. The dentist could see that the new crown was too high before he ever seated it. Be aware that there can only be so much adjusting to a crown's height, and your dentist can use that bite paper to see if that crown is 'hitting' too heavily on the tooth below/above it. This should be done BEFORE the crown is cemented in place. I'm having serious problems right now because of the same issue, don't wait to see if it gets better - or worse. "Looks high" is not a good assessment.

Hi Michelle,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the review. I'm sorry that this is happening to you. It would seem your next step would be to get your crown fixed, so you would not be in discomfort anymore? Please keep us updated.



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