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I purchased my JeNu several months ago after...

I purchased my JeNu several months ago after reading about it in a magazine as the new "IT" product. The JeNu did not disappoint. It promises to help deeply hydrate your skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I have deep eye troughs naturally, so although I am only in my late-20s, I struggle being insecure about the appearance under my eyes. The JeNu helps minimize any puffiness while keeping that skin wrinkle-free. It has become an easy addition to my nighttime routine and I love how I wake up looking refreshed. As a bit of a beauty/technology junkie- I have tried other devices and done lots of research for products that promise to give the same results but they do not. I truly believe the ultrasound technology paired with the serum itself is leaps and bounds ahead of everything else I have tried out there. I would recommend the JeNu to anyone who is concerned about crow’s feet, fine lines and bags under their eyes as a wonderful non-surgical/injection alternative or in conjunction with.

p.s. Additionally, their lip serum is super hydrating and my husband even uses it since he struggles with chapped lips. I already have full lips so I did not see any plumping but I have friends that swear their lips appear fuller after using it.

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