Labiaplasty in Wroclaw - Poland

So I am finally flying out to have my Labiaplasty...

So I am finally flying out to have my Labiaplasty procedure tomorrow (19th dec). This has been a surgery that I have wanted for the past 6 years, as my labia has been very uncomfortable and unattractive (to myself). One of my labia protrudes out of my vagina while the other one does not. Not only has sitting and doing daily chores been uncomfortable, but my sex life over all is nothing but awkward. I won't allow myself to be touched by my partner down there or receive oral pleasure (which is something I really really want) as I am too embarrassed of my labia! I hope that this surgery boosts my self esteem in the long run.

I will keep you all updated, please don't hesitate to ask me any questions :)

Day 9 Post-opp

So today is day 9 post-op and I cannot be happier with my results and decision to have gone through with the Labiaplasty. I can sit, stand and walk normally without discomfort. Day 4 for me was the most uncomfortable day for me as I stung slightly but I had no pain going pee, or showing.

I was very skeptical at first as I was travelling to Poland from the UK to get the procedure done at a lower cost. I had my doubts about the cleanliness of the clinic and just general worries that anyone would have when travelling abroad to have surgery.

Upon arrival (on the same day), Anna the driver (yes the clinic has personal drivers!!), had a board with my name on it. She was so funny and pleasant and told me of the things see in Wroclaw, she also gave me her card and organised the taxi journeys for the 2 days spent there. At the clinic, Dr Marta Wilczy?ska-Staniul gave me a consultation and showed me the techniques that she could preform and listened to my expectations and desires (I chose to have my l.minors completely removed as I had enough of the discomfort and appearance), I was also assessed by a therapist. The clinic was completely different to what I expected, It was VERY CLEAN, the workers spoke great English and answered ALL of my questions LITERALLY on the spot, as well as being ery helpful. 20 mins after the consultation and after Dr Marta assessed my flower/hooha, I was in the shower (it was COMPULSORY TO CLEAN before the surgery), and was in the operating theatre. I had my surgery preformed under Local Anaesthetic but I was given a sleeping pill and an injection so I was in a twilight zone beforehand THANK GOD lol.

While at the clinic, I met a girl in there from the same city that I was from and we got conversing, it was such a relief to have met someone out there as we both knew we weren't going through the surgery alone and it was great to finally discuss our reasons for having surgery without feeling misunderstood. After my surgery was complete, I had barely any swelling and I looked at the results straight away…I WAS AND I STILL AM ELATED. After my friend's surgery (the girl I met in the clinic) we kept each others company for the whole trip and we also took a peep at each others results, (HERS LOOKED PERFECT TOO as she had a labia reduction, whereas I opted to have mine removed).

I am so pleased with my decision to fly out to Wroclaw to have this surgery, especially for such a moderate and genuine price. This surgery has been something that I wanted for 6 YEARS...In the UK, the surgery would have costed me around £3000!!, which I find extortionate and just a means to make money out of women's insecurities and day-to-day discomforts. I paid less than HALF of what I would have paid in London and I still got a great surgeon, great aftercare and results that BEAT my high expectations.

I am a bit of an aesthete so I was worried that the surgeon wouldn't be able preform to my standards, BUT I PRAISE THE DR MARTA 100% as she took pride in my flower. Also, my stitches are SO THIN that they are barely visible. After my surgery, I couldn't help but give her a hug as she is such a humble and genuine being. She changed my life and took so much pride in my appearance down there!!

The next day after my friend and I had our final check and were discharged, we were able to walk and we toured Wroclaw, which was beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and stalls. The clinic is situated in front of the Magnolia Park shopping centre, which has a Starbucks and lots of clothes & shoe shops, there was also a Tesco in there but it didn't have the same products that the UK one's did, but it was great experimenting with Polish food, and the people in the stores were really helpful and friendly despite some not being able to speak much English, but they still helped!!

I am so happy that I finally plucked up the courage to go through with this surgery, and I urge all ladies to go though with it if it has been bugging you for years as it is TRUELY life changing, just do your research before you choose your surgeon.

2 year post-op

Hey guys,

Its been 2 years since my surgery and I am still grateful for my results. My intimate-life is amazing and I am 1000 times more confident and psychologically content about my body then I was prior to the surgery.

Thanks for all your personal mails and feel free to inbox me if you require any further info. :)
Dr Marta Wilczyńska-Staniul

She is Humble, Genuine and most defiantly and aesthete!! I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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