Donut Breast Lift - Wrinkling of Nipples Afterwards

I had droopy breasts and thought a breast lift...

i had droopy breasts and thought a breast lift could help. but the wrinkling is a disaster if it doesn't go. it has been only ten days too early to say if i am satisfied or not.

i underwent donut breast lift ten days back--my nipples are puckered and wrinkled around the areola. how long will it take for the wrinkles to go--will they completely smoothen out?
Hi girls, I'm 3 months post op and they do get better as time goes by. My left wasn't too bad but my right was really puckered and very oblong! They still have some flattening and healing up to do but nowhere near like they were when my dressings came off and they looked like frankenstein nips!! Just hang on in there and they will be fine x
Thanks. I am three weeks and had an infection also. but wrinkling is diminishing,i will hold horses till three months. best of luck to you dear.
Hi there, Dont feel bad just yet wait for the 3 months. Im in the same boat. I had the dount lift 2 weeks ago and 1 areola is beautiful and round with a thinning scar.. and the other is sewed up wrinkled and oblong shaped. Im embarrased to show anyone.... Im hoping they will dewrinkle
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too early to say

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