Would Not Recommend the Velasmooth or Velashape to Anyone

 I received a discount and paid $1,800 for a...

 I received a discount and paid $1,800 for a 4-session treatment. The first treatment was very painful and I bruised so badly for a week or so. After my 4th treatment, I still did not see any results. Then I had a free treatment because the aesthetician had to train a new person. Then the manager threw in 2 extra treatments for free.

Still no significant results. When I mentioned my dissatisfaction, the assistant manager threw in 2 free treatments. In the end, I was still not happy with the overall results. About ten weeks ago, I had my final 2 free treatments from a new assistant manager. In total, I had 11 treatments and I still see cellulite on my thigh areas. I would not recommend the Velasmooth to anyone at all. The treatments are not worth the money you paid for.

this is a post sight for velashape not velasmooth...they are totally different. velasmooth does not have the elos laser it just sucks and rolls
American Laser Center in Sacramento, CA

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