Worth the "Zap" for Hair Reduction

I am a fair skinned gal with very dark burnette...

I am a fair skinned gal with very dark burnette hair. Lots of hair. Three hairs grow out of just about every folicle. My whole life I've been self-conscious about my legs looking like I hadn't shaved even though I had hours ago. And my bikini-line was always horrible -ingrown hairs and all the problems they cause.

I hated being seen in a swim suit not because of my figure, which I'm generally happy with, but my hair. The laser removal I had done was worth every single penny.

I had my underarms, bikini, and lower legs done. I don't even have to shave my bikini line any more, and my legs are down to being shaved one or twice a week rather than once or twice a day.

The procedure does give you a little "zap" but nothing too bad. It's nothing a little tylenol or such won't cure.

I'm from GA, Savannah area. I've been to GLOW MED SPA in Savannah to have my hair removed.They told me that I need 6-8 treatments, but I already had 8 and I still have half the hair. The experience was awful, because the technician lied to me and every time she asked if I'm happy, I said I don't see too big difference, and I was told"Oh, dear, you look great!".Everytime I 've asked to increase the temperature, she just didn't dop that.So, I invested lots of money for something that didn't work. I might need another 6 treatments I was told, so...
Which laser did you get done ? Alexandrite or nd yag ?
instead of tylenol, it may be better to take ASAs (Aspirin) or ibuprofen (Advil), about a half-hour to hour before the appointment since these actually are anti-infammatories (reduce swelling, also i the hair follicle releasing the hair better) and not just analgesics (reduce pain).
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These folks are professionals! Ranked one of the top Dermatology clincs in Atlanta a couple years ago, they are on the Emory Faculty, and do this for a living. Not a fly-by-night place that had a weekend of training. I've seen all the horror-stories about scarring on the news. I had 6 treatments and they were all perfect!

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