Worst Experience Ever All Around!

I had a very bad experience and results with...

I had a very bad experience and results with Lifestyle Lift. The cost for this could have been saved for a true facelift later on but they talked about this with these guarantee's like it was easy and done with in a day.

My results were not very noticeble and my ears are crooked and off balanced. I cant wear ear rings anymore. My skin looks burnt and scarred badly.

I was told the last time I was there that I should go to the doctor that did the procedure to fix the scarring since he had left that office to open his own practice. Now why would I want to go to someone the caused scarring and caused mutilated me. My left ear is so out of place that you can see where my ear canal is.

But I kept getting steroid shots and turned away saying they seen results and that the lumps and bumps should be gone after the steroid treatments. Well the swelling is gone but the skin behind my ear feels like its just rolled up and melted to my skin and the skin in front of my ears looks like there was a fire put to my skin there.

I am now working on writing them a dissatisifed letter and trying to get my money back so I can go to someone to fix what they did wrong. That I know will be a long road but I need to get my face fixed.

Very bad idea. Dont get this done.

Just getting back on here after some years. I was and still am very unhappy with LSL. I had to get my face repaired with a real plastic surgeon a couple of years later. Up until the repair surgery I had I was still in pain every day. I could not wear my hair back due the the scarring. It looked like my skin was burnt from a fire. The scar went around from the front to the back of my ears and the inside stitches never went away and they were bumps on my skin. I found out later that the doctor that performed my surgery was a ENT doctor and only was there for a year just to get enough money to open his own office. LSL is more like a butcher shop. DONT DO IT!
Hi Harry, Thank you for the information - do you have ingormation on Refresher Lift - and also update on your LSL. Thank you ruby
anything new? Are you better?
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