Worse Off Than When I Started

I had the procedure done to my upper back thighs a...

I had the procedure done to my upper back thighs a year ago in November. A few hours following the procedure, I was dinner with my husband and my in-laws. I became nauseous and excused myself. I passed out in the bathroom. After several minutes, I made it back to the table and we left. I had no color in my face and no energy. To date, I still have cellulite in the treated. The worst part is that the area is discolored. It’s faded purple like a bruise and it gets darker if I go in the sun. Save your money and please don’t do this procedure. It is unsafe and you’ll work worse than when you started.


I have had 4 treatments so far. I see a little difference but not mush yet. I just had the 4th one done last night. (she did a double dosage on me...77 shots...grrrr) My butt hurts so much. At first I was freaking out because I have little pouches that I didnt have before and they wont go away. The nurse reassures me that it will eventually go away. Let's see. I have a trip in Mexico on the 10th of Feb and want more than anything to be able to get in a bathing suit with full confidence so this better pay off. So far, i have bruises and welches on my buttox. I will let a few more weeks pass by and see if there are any results.
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I am the Investigative Producer at CBS 46 news here in Atlanta. I am doing research on lipodissolve and would love to talk with you or anyone you know that has had this procedure. My direct line is 404 327 3226. I would like to warn people of the potential risk associated with having this procedure. I don't think most poeple have any idea about all of this...Thanks so much! Michelle Glorieux
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