Worked and No Real Pain, Just a Few Zingers

Was VERY skeptical before having procedure done...

Was VERY skeptical before having procedure done due to comments I read here. Went through with it anyway. Had Zoom done @ 1:45 on Thur 15 Jan. Had no discomfort during procedure. Had maybe 15-20 "zingers" after. Last one was about 3 hours after procedure was completed. None since (18 hr later).

Teeth still feel a little bit sensitive, but nor pain, just feel weird. I have 2 front teeth that are slightly chipped, those are the ones that I had the "zingers" with. Teeth are about 3 shades whiter. Also received bleaching solution with what I paid for touch ups in the future. Will go back to have trays made up after I have some crowns and veneers put in. Needed teeth whitened before new crown and veneers.

I would recommend this to others if you never had any issues/sensitivity with your teeth. If you had/have sensitive teeth, I would not recommend procedure.

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DH performed procedure. He had done over 150 of them already with no issues that he knew of. Took extra time to ensure my gums were sealed/blocked off. No discomfort during the procedure.

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I expect pain with dental procedures but not for whitening. This hurt more than getting wisdom teeth removed without general anesthesia, bone grafts, resurfacing, all of it. I just didn't expect that kind of pain. It hit severely on my 4th round of zoom. In waves of zingers. It was neuropathic, deep, shocking, electrical, unpredictable, rendering me unable to breathe through my mouth, talk or act normal for the rest of the day. I'm not sure it's okay to recommend someone else go through it. I don't regret doing it because the pain is over. My teeth are white. The day I left, they were 8 shades. I'm not sure that's really true, but they are really white and I'm glad. I'm thankful I was off that day and able to heavily sedate myself when I got home. I spent the day in bed. In pain every time I woke up. But the strange, assaulting head jerking pain really ought to be discussed before you hand over the down payment. Plan to have the day off and maybe ask your PCP for pain meds. Actually, given the cost and the nature of the procedure, I don't think it would be unreasonable to ask the dentist for at least one narcotic for the day. They have to know that this is a event. They just don't warn us about it. Which I think borders on withholding informed consent. It's odd. Why hide that it causes all of this pain. Just google "zoom pain teeth". There are entire blogs on the subject. I didn't know that beforehand. Just prepare yourself. It's an effective intervention, but the pain is minimized.
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I just had this done today. Oh my! My teeth feel like I have been chewing on aluminum foil, and I mean my front teeth ... not the molars. The zingers, or shooting electrical pain, started just before the procedure ended. I thought, "thank goodness, no more". Wrong! For two hours afterwards, I experienced zingers once every two minutes. It's 8 hours later and the zinger have subsided to hourly. But man ... talk about not a fun day. I'd rather have a Brazilian wax.
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