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I have my procedure on Saturday morning. It...

I have my procedure on Saturday morning. It seems forever since I booked it and the worry and anxiety since has been tremendous. Reading all the reviews here has helped as I don't know anyone that has had a facelift to discuss my decision with. Reading how everyone had researched their surgeon and procedure has also been a bit of a worry as I went with the first surgeon I saw, he made me feel very confident in his abilities and didn't try to push me into any procedures I didn't want though. Wish I had found this site before I booked. Anyway the good news is all the anxiety has been great for my weight. I will post some photos when my computer is working again, I only have a tablet at the moment.

all done now

Had my procedure yesterday. I was so nervous I felt like I was some one else looking on. Got to the clinic early and then waited for ever to be shown to my room. But then everything happened very quickly. They were very thorough going over again my medical history, doing lots of test, including an ECG, and before I knew it I was being walked to the theatre. I seemed to be an age waiting to be anaesthetised, and was wondering if anyone has ever jumped up and run away before,- I was tempted. I must point out here, that before I went in I asked the surgeon to take some more pictures with my camera and then explained about this site and the fact that I was going to do a review. I thought it would be good insurance and give him some motivation to do a good job!! I went to theatre at 12pm and got back to my room at 4pm. Can't really tell how I will look as my face is very swollen, but I am quietly optimistic. I got my calculations wrong regarding the price, it is £5,500 gbp which is around $9,200. That includes the procedure, tests and a 2 night stay in hospital and unlimited aftercare. Which I don't think is too bad. I haven't been able to sleep fot more than an hour at a time. Have had quite a bit of pain on and off, but feeling ok at present. I will post pictures as soon as I can.

full facelift including neck (no eyework as i was too cowardly)

Just realised I forgot to mention what the procedure was.

morning of day 3 if you count nce operation day as day 1

Haven't slept well since operation. Keep thinking I look like sponge Bob square pants. I realise this is normal at this stage to panic and wonder if you have done the right thing, thanks to reading others reviews. Can't wait for the swelling to subside.

day 4 post op

Feeling a little more optimistic today. Swelling hasn't got any worse and may even be a little better. It is only ready other people's experiences and reassurance from my new "pals" that has stopped me going over the edge with worry. I see how great ever one else is looking and think it will be my turn soon, I will get over this setback. Next job is to start nagging husband to get the computer fixed so that I can post pictures. Trouble is he is being so supportive I don't like to him, had to make him go to work today as he thought I wouldn't cope without him.

Thursday now day 5 post I think

Looked in the mirror this morning and thought I saw a little of me back, ie bruising and swelling not so bad. Thank you to all of you who said today would be the turning point, as usual you were right. Thank god I found this site. My bruising and swelling has been tremendous, but then the surgeon had a lot of neck and sagging jowels to liposuction, stitch and pull. Will be going into Cwmbran this weekend to purchase a new computer, seems there is a problem with windows xp. Just hope I don't bump into any of my colleagues who think I am on a walking holiday. Anyway once I have posted my before and during pictures you will see the mammoth task my surgeon had. I am fed up sleeping upright. I never imagined how debilitating the surgery would be either, managed to cook a curry yesterday and that left me exhausted. I had images of me pottering around the house and Garden catching up with little jobs, no chance. I think it may be months before I am digging up the garden again.

8 day post

I am still bruised and swollen, but I love my new neck and chin. Once the swelling has receded from my face and it doesn't look so square, I am sure I will be extremely happy that I took the plunge after so many months dithering. It was a hard decision to make as I don't know anyone else that has had a facelift and i was so worried that people would think me ridiculous and vain -but hey, who cares now when I have a jaw line and neck for the first time in many many years. I recommend Mr Michael Payne highly. I can't thank my new friends on this site enough for helping me through this process.

Day 11 post procedure

Computer working at last. First few photo's of days 1 to 3. More to come

And there is more

I was very swollen and bruised for a long time (still am), but seeing a slight improvement every day. Pictures do not show how bad swelling really got.

12 day post op

12 days post procedure and first time out

Eldest son is visiting today, so I have to abandon wearing the chin strap and try to do something about the bruises. Face still swollen at the sides and skin numb in front of the ears. Still have a head full of staples which don't come out until next week. Spent ages putting on my makeup and arranging my hair over the staples and scars. I think I will be OK though as sons don't really see their mums as women, he probably won't even notice. Will just have to be careful when he arrives and tries to pick me up in his usual bear hug. Feeling almost normal today and am impatient for the swelling on sides of face (can't really see it in photo) to go down. One side more swollen than other and giving me a lopsided look. Had a walk around the shops earlier today and kept thinking I had forgotten something only to realise it was the chin strap - I felt naked without it. I will post more photo's when I am 2/3 week post op.

he didn't notice

Son came home, bounced through the door and made a bee line for me. His dad had to shout "careful your mum has bruised her face", so he pulled back a little on the bear hug, gave me a quick look and said "have you lost weight, what have you got in to eat, I am starving"?
I was pleased but at the same time disappointed, which is daft as I don't want anyone to know.

19 Days Post Op with new hairdo

Had my staples out on Tuesday, some hurt some didn't, but feels a lot better with them out. Went to the hairdresser yesterday. Had to tell her about the op because of the scabs, but was a bit disappointed when all she said was "yes I can see you do look better" in a very unbelievable voice. I always used to keep my hair very short and behind my ears, but started growing it before the procedure to cover ears, so although my hair doesn't look much different to you, it is very different to how I used to wear it. Went to Gloucester Quays shopping with my son on Saturday, after he complained about the prices in one shop that was supposed to have a 70% reduction someone said to him "you don't go shopping too often with your wife then", he was gutted and replied "this is my mother" to which the man said "oh, sorry" and made a hasty retreat. I felt sorry for him as it was that long ago that someone thought I was my husbands mother. As I told him people don't look properly and just assume, I am just know though that this assumption wouldn't have been made a few weeks ago. The swelling has slipped down my face and now give me a chubby joweled looked which I am hoping will go with time. Hoping the swelling will go down before my other son's wedding in 2 week sand 3 days, but if it doesn't I won't be too bothered as I am feeling great anyway.

3 weeks today since procedure

Thought I would add more selfies as well as fully made up pictures. Feel a little more swollen today, but I had just had a hot shower before I took the photos.

back to work today

First day back at work on day 24 post procedure. Apparently my new hairstyle and colour and weight loss have knocked years off me!! One colleague kept looking at me though. Husband said it was a b*+×dy expensive hairstyle.


Well the long awaited day has been and gone. Bride beautiful and groom handsome. I would like to post a picture of them but I think they might object if they knew. All went well and I looked the best I could considering it was only 5 weeks post procedure. I am still a little chipmunkie looking around the cheeks, but everyone said I looked great and my weight loss and hair style had knocked years off me. When introduced to brides mum's best friend she said I did not look old enough to be grooms mum - I didn't bother to tell her I had another son who is 40. I just wish that the swelling would go away and face and neck would settle down, but after reading everyone's reviews here it seems that this may take some time yet. This site has been a godsend to me.

7 and a half weeks post

It is now 7 and a half weeks post procedure. I am still quite swollen around the jowls and numb around the ears. I know I look better than I did, but I can't help worrying that the jowls are here to stay. I am posting a couple of pics, one taken today and one a few years ago. I expect I am just too critical of myself and impatient too.


Here are the pictures. Sorry the site crashed earlier when I was trying to post them.

3 months and one week

Hi all
I am now back from my cruise and had a great time. I have my 3 month review at the end of next month as my PS only visits Bristol one day each month and last month would have been too soon. This will be the first time I have seen him since leaving the hospital. My reviews so far have been done by a nurse. I know I look a lot better but I can't help feeling a little disappointed that since the swelling has receded I look more like my old "old" self and have a few saggy bits around mouth and neck. I am posting photo's for you to decide for yourself. That said I am happy I had the face lift.

OOPS posted last pictures before I had finished

Michael Payne

I was a little naïve when booking my procedure. I hadn't come across this site then and had only looked at pretty local clinics. I picked the hospital group as they did free initial consultations when others charged. I was pretty impressed with Mr Payne though as he didn't seem to push me into anything although with hindsight, I think I need my eyes doing too, but I wasn't in the right place mentally to contemplate this at the time. I booked the procedure and then spent the next 2 months worrying about it, especially after reading all the research others had done on their PS. All seems to be well though and I am confident in the end I will be delighted. I am only on day 11 post surgery at the moment of this edit.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi just read your review,you look stunning,I am now 24 days post op and 4 weeks away from my daughters wedding,still very numb around ears and behind ears and part of neck connecting to ears and still get very tight.please read my journey and congratulations once again .
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You look great!
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Linda, may I ask if you had local or general anaesthetic, how was it administered, and do you remember anything of the operation as it took place? Also did the ps work on lifting facial muscles (e.g.,smas facelift) and was there any hair loss from the incisions? Sorry about all the questions! By the way you look amazing, very elegant!
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Hi it was under general anaesthetic. No problem at all, lovely team. It was administered by mask (I THINK). I also had a canulla which may have been pre med. I remember nothing about the operation, no sooner was I going under than I was waking up. I had very little pain. I am not sure what type of facelift i had, as I have said I was very naive. I am very glad i had the procedure. Be prepared for mood swings and remember some lines do come back when the swelling subsides. When are you having your procedure? Linda
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Hi Linda, thank you for your reply. I would like to have the procedure right away. However, I am on a short waiting list for gallbladder removal under general anaesthetic, probably next month, so not sure how long to wait in between for a second anaesthetic! Hope you don't mind me asking, but did you notice any hair loss (usually from incisions at the back of the ears)? Hope you are now fully recovered and back to normal once again. Kathy
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Hi kathy no hair loss, incisions still a little noticeable, but is under my hair, so no worries. Not ready to wear hair pulled up or back yet though.
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You look great! I am disappointed with my neck lift as the left side seems to be filling up again, but the right side is ok. I still wear my chin support bandage most of the time, but massaging seems to help more. Just wish the fluid would stay away as now I look a bit droopy on the left side. Seems to go up and down. I had chin/neck lift two weeks ago. I found it very painful and was surprised after reading so much about it being relatively pain free. I just wish the results had been a bit better. My ps said it would go away as there was a lot of trauma with the lipo but I'm not sure it will! Good luck.
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It will take months for the neck to settle in . I had a facelift and neck lift May 2013 and my neck is still very tight feeling. Hang in there!
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I don't have tightness really. I wish it was tighter, then maybe the one side would not droop. It is like a small pocket of fluid which comes and goes. Ps said it would go but I do t think so!
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It is early days yet, give it time. I still think my jowels are a bit swollen and water. Will see what ps has to say.
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I think you look amazing. I wanted a lower face lift included with my neck lift but I don't think my ps was comfortable with that so I just went with the neck. Maybe I should've come back to the UK to get it done. I live on a small island and only one ps. She was trained in Manchester and worked ten years in England. I'm going back next week so I'll see what she says. I had very little swelling and bruising
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You Look amazing!!!!!! No More frumpy here..... You must be thrilled
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Hi lilygirl I am fine. Still feeling a little swollen and trying to sleep upright but I too keep sliding down the bed. I'm still wearing the chin strap at night but it has stretched and is now a little loose. I am not keen on tennis I am afraid or any sport really. I have to put up with a lot of football having 2 sons and a husband from Liverpool (think it is soccer to you).
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That posted before I had finished. We are off on a cruise in 2 weeks so I will post some updated photos before and after. Hope I don't put on too much weight!!! Hope you are well and healing nicely. Linda
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Love cruising have a wonderful time :-)
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I intend to, but worried about all that food on board. I am determined not to put on weight. We are usually good and exercise and never use the lifts, but a few pounds usually go on. Have my 3 month review on my return so must be good. Also I have lots of new clothes to go with the new me that must still fit at the end of the cruise!! One of my friends has been asking me about having a facelift (3 friends know now) and I have told her to look at your review as she is a seasoned traveller and probably won't mind going to Malaysia, your ps is amazing. Think she will need fat transfers though as she is rather thin (unlike me).
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Yes I know what you mean about the weight going on - all that amazing food. I have done over 20 cruises with Princess - sure thats where my 10 extra kilos came from lol. Yes I got friends considering Malaysia or Thailand - they just waiting to be able to sort their busy lives. Yes Jalil is great & I am so pleased I didn't have to have stitches out & wear a head bra. Just a waiting game for swelling & lumps & bumps to go & see final results :-) Have a great cruise :-)
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I looked at your profile you look amazing!
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Hi Linda, how are you? How's the swelling and tightness? Do you take anything to help you sleep? I try to sleep on my back with two pillows, but end up sliding off them. Keep in touch. My husband and I are watching Wimbledon. Love tennis! Lilygirl
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WOW You look amazing!!! Congratulations!!
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Just had a look at your review. Amazing that you only had a mini lift with those results. You look great.
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Thank you!!
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Reading your review all over again - to compare the swelling bruising etc - guess I just getting impatient :-) you look so beautiful & very sophisticated. Just lovely :-)
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I have been doing quite a bit of gardening this weekend and woke up this morning with a very achy face and neck and realised I must learn to take things easy. Easier said than done though as the weeds take over when I turn my back. No good asking my husband to weed as he doesn't know the difference between a creeping buttercup and a geranium. Seems this healing process is on-going for a long time to come. Work tomorrow, I can take things easy pen pushing all day!!
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I crashed again today - after day @ work yest :-( thing is if we don't take it easy our bodies will make sure we do :-(
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