Vi Peel - Woodstock, GA

Well I had the vi peel done a week ago today. The...

well I had the vi peel done a week ago today. The first night I couldn't sleep, felt like pins pricking my face, guess it was burning. Don't listen to anyone saying that there is no down time. During the peeling process who would want to go anywhere? It looks bad.

It's only been a week, I don't see a change except for dryness. Could be to soon to notice a change yet, i'll wait a week or so more.

Hi gail, 

As of today it has been a full month. Are you still "not sure" about your rating or did things (hopefully) change for the better? I do wish that more people knew that there is downtime. So many community members don't know and then are majorly caught off guard. Can't wait to hear how things are today. 



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