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Had a Dysport treatment done less than two weeks...

Had a Dysport treatment done less than two weeks ago and my left eye lid is lower than the other. Never happened with the Botox. The price sounded great so I tried it. My wrinkles are faded between my brows but know my left eye is almost shut. This could happen to you. Not everyone is effected by this so I guess you have to chance it. Now I have to wait this this crap is out of my system to look normal again. Bye Bye Dysport will never use you or recommend you again.

are you better now?
I am better, I am sitting at about 95% better and it is exactly 4 months ago that I had the injections. No one notices anything even hubby said I look so much better and making lots of progress. Dont give up hope and dont go back to your doc to have him "fix" it, he will just make it worse. Let it wear off, it will! Good luck ;)
I got Dysport injected May 22 in my forehead and crowsfeet area. I got a black eye on the right side and besides that I felt fine. The week after I noticed my upper right side lip started to droop, my cheek was not as full and my lower eyelid was slightly drooping also. At the 3 week mark It got worse and the other side had it but not as noticable. I look fairly normal when I do not smile but if I do I look like I have had a small stroke. I had no idea it spreads like it does and if I would have known I would not have taken a chance putting it in my face. I am slowly improving, it is not as bad as I am doing a lot of muscle stregthening exercises to use those muscles, I am using an infared heat lamp on it, taking an oxygen inducing supplement and facial creams and wash that are oxygen based also. I can see more of my teeth when i smile and my face is not numb feeling in places that I felt before. It is so sad and depressing because it is your face. I am thinking positive thoughts and trying not to dwell on it also just not smiling and if I do covering my mouth. Reading here has helped me alot, and I suggest it for you. There is a lot of good advice and people that know exactly how you are feeling. Good luck :)
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Doctor not the problem but the Dysport. Sorry no photos. Am trying to forget how how I look for the next three or so months.

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