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I have had mine on less than a year and 2 of them...

I have had mine on less than a year and 2 of them have cracked and one has fallen off. My dentist cemented it back on and in a couple of weeks it came off again. I paid $1000 per tooth and I like the looks but if they won't stay in it isn't worth it. The procedure itself was easy, although they did have to grind my teeth down so that it isn't reversible for me.


So sorry to hear the Lumineers aren't holding up well. :(

How many did you have placed?

I'm sure its a terrible thing to think about since you have had them on for less than a year, but are you considering replacing them with regular Porcelain Veneers?

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I had 8 on the top done and was going to do the bottoms after the invisiline was done but I'm not so sure I want to any more.
I might look into the porcelain veneers. The luminescent are $1000 each tooth, I wonder what the price is for porcelain.
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