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Count Down for a Full Tummy Tuck - Woodbridge, ON

Hi there i am having a TT in the next couple of...

hi there i am having a TT in the next couple of weeks from Dr Lista if anyone has had the surgery by him and has any information like Pictures pros,cons please let me know i am soooooo scared of it not looking good

Toronto Plastic Surgeon

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Hi Slider!  Did you get your tummy tuck done?  Can't wait for the update!


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He has great reviews on our site that's for sure!  Will you keep us updated please on your surgery and recovery?

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yes i will keep you updated.
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Good Luck to you. I'm scheduled to have my TT on August 30th. I am so excited.
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hi there ohhhh my that is around the corner i cant wait to get mine done i have waited 8 years for this who is your DR that will be performing the TT, i am so excited for you good luck.
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Your day is almost here:)

Nerves are normal but don't let them get the best of you.  Soon you will have your beautiful new tummy and be loving it.

Keep the posts coming and all of the ladies on the site will support you.  

How did you find your doctor?

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Hi there thank you so much i cant wait i have been waiting 8 years for this.
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