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Wonderful Results with Botox in Eau Claire, WI

I've been getting Botox at the same clinic in...

I've been getting Botox at the same clinic in Eau Claire, WI since 2008, but the last time I went was the best. The doctor used about 40 units total for five injections sites; my forehead is perfectly smooth and my crow's feet are gone.

Michelle Facer

Dr. is a plastic surgeon; she's personable, experienced, professional and has precision focus. I'm very impressed!

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Hi Maude989 - thanks for posting.  Are you sure your doctor is a plastic surgeon, which is a designation given to doctors certified to the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS)?  On her website I see she's a DO with a board certification in Otolaryngology.

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I'd go with the professional endorsements posted on her web page. I'd heard she's a plastic surgeon from a friend who'd been in a bad accident; she fixed his face and you can hardly tell he was ever injured.
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Tom, I am an Otorhinolaryngologist and board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology. I have 5 years of residency training at the Mayo Clinic. My residency includes facial plastic surgery which is also included in my board exams-written and oral. Many people are unaware of the depth of training of Otorhinolaryngologists. My professional designation is DO which is the same as an MD-just a slightly different emphasis. I do not do any general plastic surgery which is within the domain of a general plastic surgeon. This includes breast augmentation, breast reduction, and tummy tucks to name a few examples.
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I have an upcoming appointment with this doctor for botox but not for cosmetic issues--I have been suffering from headaches, I have tried everything including acupuncture, chiropractic, anti-depressant therapy, physical therapy, biofeedback, muscle stimulation, massage, muscle relaxers, Toradol injections, various medications to include everything from Tylenol to narcotics, and all have not relieved a constant headache for the past two years! I am praying she can help me P
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