Starting my Tummy Tuck Journey. It's off to Work I Go...- Wisconsin, WI

I have been wanting to do a tummy tuck for a...

I have been wanting to do a tummy tuck for a couple of months. I have became healthier with clean eating and exercising. I lost some weight and have became toned and tight. But... having 2 C-sections is a reminded to me with this saggy skin. So I have been researching.. seen 2 PS. Scheduled to see Dr. Clifford King next month. I know a couple people have had tt by him. love that I found this website and group

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Welcome to the community:)

Well Dr. Clifford King is awesome!!!   He's my doctor and I just know you will love him.  Keep me up to date on your consult and let me know how everything goes.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Thanks so much. Feb 25 is the day.
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Can't wait to hear back from you:)

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