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Last Thursday I had a full face Ulthera treatment...

Last Thursday I had a full face Ulthera treatment and it was painful. That is not the worst part. My entire face is swollen from forehead to neck, my eyes are almost swollen shut and I have welts on my cheeks and neck. Needless to say I am a little nervous. I did get a perscription from my dr. for steroids which I started taking Friday, but it does not seem to be much better. Has anyone else experienced this? I am a little freaked out on how long this will last or if it will ever go away. I had to miss work Friday and will probably be missing tomorrow as well. I am frightened.

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I had ultherapy on my lower jowls two days ago.
I'm very swollen and look like The Godfather.
I hope this is not what I'm going to look like in 2-3 months. Any advice?
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I had it last week; my doctor injected a type of novicane all over my face and neck; they could have pulled a tooth, my eyes were crossed..but I actually fell asleep during the procedure. I only felt pain in one area, above the brow becasue it's close to the bone, it feels like a staple going through your head but it was nothing compared to the look and I immediately saw results. I have some swelling around my left eye and under the left side of my neck but it is expected, and will go away in about a week or two. You didn't have the right doctor. It's all about finding the right doctor and asking questions, and getting answers before any procedure.
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I just had the procedure sone and too am VERY swollen. How long did this last for. It has been one day since the procedure and still swollen. Help
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Don't worry, I my eye is very swollen and a little under the neck on the left side. It will go away, I had a minor welt, like a cat scratched me, but minor. These are all things they tell you to expect following the procedure. The staff all had it done and they all experienced the same things, but was completely resolved within a couple of weeks. Finding the right doctor is everything, and YOU MUST HAVE NOVICANE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT INJECTED INTO ALL AREAS OF YOUR FACE TO COMPLETELY NUMB THE ENTIRE AREA! Do not try Ulthera without it; would you let a dentist pull a tooth without novicane???
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How long did it take for your swelling to go down? It's been a couple of months since your procedure, do you notice any changes? Was it worth the money?
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Hi Becker,

Thanks for your review. Just reading it makes my face hurt, I'm so your have had to deal with so much pain. Did you call your doctor and ask about a steroid? Please keep us updated and I hope you are feeling better and in less pain sooner than later.



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