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Recent Slim Lipo (9/25/10) - Wisconsin

Needed belly reduction and "back fat"...

Needed belly reduction and "back fat" reduced. Procedure took about 3 hours. Awake for procedure. Some discomfort near ribs, or if probe reached outside of fluid area. Some bruising in those areas, but less than I expected.

Important that some "kneeding" be done after procedure to reduce drainage later. Used Maxi-pads over small incisions for the first 24 hours to contain drainage. If only getting mid-sections done, I advise a torso compression garment (without the legs and arms because it is less confining).

Had procedure on Saturday morning, rested the rest of the day and evening. Would advise Tylenol PM the first night. I could have returned to sit-down job on Monday, but glad I did not, as it would be difficult to sit that long. Saw doctor after 48 hours to apply "steri strips" to incisions.

Everything looks fine, but still swollen. Can't wait for the skin to tighten up, but I know that can take quite a while. This is something I have wanted for a long time. I'm glad I finally did it.


Thanks for sharing your experience. Please keep us updated. Can't wait to see pics of the final result (if you're comfortable sharing). Good luck with "swell hell" while you're healing. :)

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Went back to have my flanks done. Since I knew...

Went back to have my flanks done. Since I knew what to expect, it was a little easier.
Still "leaked" the first 24hrs. and rested the next couple of days.
I'm happier with the results, in fact, I would advise the flanks be done initially. It really makes a difference.


Do u have any pics? I think it makes sine to have complete torso done for most people unless u just truly have a little pouch. Usually midsection fat is more than just one abs or flanks. I had entire torso done just over 2 weeks ago. Still awaiting results though.
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I really don't want to post pix (too embarrased), but I think you did the right thing doing all of those areas. You're right, two weeks is too soon to see results, but I'm sure you'll be pleasantly pleased (if your expectations weren't too high).
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