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Love It!!! Well Worth It - Wisconsin

I had Juvederm done today on my nasolabial folds,...

I had Juvederm done today on my nasolabial folds, and it was worth every penny. I seen results right away. The doctor numbed me up,and Juvederm ultra has a numbing agent in it, so there was very little pain. I am 48 years young, and I think, it took 10 years off my looks. I am a african american female, and our skin tends to not wrinkle alot, so I will continue to use Juvederm instead of getting a full blown face lift.

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Hi focus,

I'm so glad it the Juvederm worked out as you had hoped. Based on such on a positive experience will you continue in the future with this? We would love to see pictures. Please keep us posted.

Thanks so much for the review,


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Can i ask you who your doctor was? I am from Wisonsin as well and what like to get ideas of some good doctors..thanks!
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