SO Relieved! Juvederm Puffiness Gone! - Winter Park, FL

Went to a medspa to get Juvederm for tt hollowness...

Went to a medspa to get Juvederm for tt hollowness...I should have known better. Now wonder it was cheaper. They did not know what they were doing, nor are they plastic surgeons. I was depressed for a month! I counted the days until my appt with a well known plastic surgeon to correct. Went to a plastic surgeon today who dissolved with Vitrase. I was so nervous but already look so much better! Puffiness is way down and unnatural lines gone. What a nightmare I went thru! Never again! Don't trust your face to anything but the best! You get what you pay for!


Ty so much!!!! Ultra...I still think I have a little left but not as much! It was a horrible experience. Lots of creams to take care of my eyes now!
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Congratulations on the great results! Did you have Juvederm or Juvederm Ultra removed?
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Dr. Clifford Clarke

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