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Starting after High School many of my friends...

Starting after High School many of my friends started getting implants, I hate needles and blood, so never considered it. I am very bottom heavy and after a while started consider implants to balance me out.

I am so glad I went through with it the pain wasn't near as bad as I thought. Recovery was quick I was out shopping less then a few days later, and a bridesmaid 2 weeks later. Many people who at first told me I was crazy and didn't need it..admitted to me that I look much more proportionate and even a few people told me they are now considering it!!

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A few people I know also had Dr. H do their augmentation, and I haven't seen one pair that weren't perfect!

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it was a - A
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Can i ask what size was your cup size before?
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You look very good. In your bikini top it looks like they have a nice shape. I had mine done about a week ago and I went an extra 50cc's more than I thought because I was told they will look a little smaller but I was wonder how much did they shrink and about how long after you had them did you notice they looked smaller? I sure hope mine dont get smaller I love them just the way they are.
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Your picture looks great. Can you tell me how tall you are the cc's of your implants. Also, are they silicone or saline? Thank you.
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thank you :) I am almost 5'6 and I have 350cc They shrunk alot so I would reccomend going a littke bigger for they will drop over time. I had picked the gel, i was told it was safer and couldnt deflate like the other also underneath the musle, my nipples were so small i had to have them through a 2 inch cut underneath my breasts which can hardly be seen at all now! thanks for you comment :) good luck if you choose to do it!
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