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Im 31 yrs old married with 3 kids I've been...

Im 31 yrs old married with 3 kids I've been wanting to get a breast. Augmentation done for years and it will finally happen on Feb 3 and I'm so nervous about the after pain. How bad is it? Will I be out of work for weeks? The doctor is telling me I should be fine in a week. I'm 32a putting. A 300cc implant. Please help any edvice would help.


I'm a 34 small B. I'm getting 550cc's in about 3 hours!! Be sure to check my review. I'll post an update later today.
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Hi I had my BA on the 9th jan.2014. Was a 30a and had 285cc overs. It isn't painful at all actually I was worried about the anaesthetic as it was my first time but really it was so funny I was blubbering like an idiot for nothing! Just before the needle I said to the anaesthesiologist "take care of me" with tears in my eyes and he said he would and then I fell asleep (can remember everything before and waking up). Waking up was great I had an oxygen mask on and kept taking it off to talk to the nurses they just kept putting back on my face! Haha. I'm a week post op now and feel great I have my appointment to take off my bandages tomorrow and ill see my progress with the stitches! I'm sohappy I did this and you shouldn't feel "pain" as such, right now I'm more achey if that makes sense..? If I laugh or if they jiggle (lol!) they feel like pins and needles. But it's not painful it's tingly haha! Hope I made sense hun and good luck! Don't be afraid you will be so happy with them. I love mine already! I just hope the swelling is all gone cause any smaller ill want another one! X
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Hi I am having mine done in a few days and worrying like crazy about the pain but today have read a lady's story on this site titled "What in the world was I so worried about" She has had her op and says that the pain wasn't so terrible as she had imagined. I think we all imagine it will be worse than it really is.
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