Tummy Tuck Was Good, But Not Sure About The Other Part (Pubic Lift)

I got a tummy tuck, and before I went in, the...

I got a tummy tuck, and before I went in, the surgeon told me he would remove the access skin above my pubic area while he done the tummy tuck. After the surgery, the tummy tuck came out great, but he never did do the pubic lift that he said he was going to do. I asked him on my follow-up appointment why he didn't touch it when he said he would. His response was it was too close to the bridge of my penis and it is too risky to fix without causing problems.

From other peoples procedures and pics, they get theirs done. Am I being ripped off or does my doctor sound like he is telling the truth?

Either then that, I am happy with the outcome.

Thanks for your review. You might want to consider posting your question in RealSelf's Q & A section where doctor's will see your concern and hopefully offer some options. You can find answers to similar questions here and here. Though I think the askers are women, hopefully it'll help.

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