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Hi there. I recently had a consultation for a...

Hi there. I recently had a consultation for a tummy tuck. While being examined the surgeon said that I could get away with a mini tuck. He said anything below my belly button would be "fixed". And that he wouldn't touch my belly button but the appearance of it would improve some. The reason for a mini is bc I don't have much loose skin above my button to work with. I guess I'm not totally convinced that I'm going to be happy with the outcome. I know my stomach will never be perfect again but I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and finally be able to wear a two piece again. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I've looked at so many before and after pics of a mini but it's so hard to match up someone that has the same issues I do. Thanks so much


I too agree ..on my doctors consult I was told I could have a mini but I'm going for a full ,I know it will be a longer recover time but I know I will be more happy.
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I believe so as well and after reading countless reviews only very few people are happy with the mini and very few doctors on this forum recommend a mini some won't perform it at all. Good Luck to you!
And if you are having muscle repair all the way up, like I did, the recovery is virtually the same. Plus, I feel like the upper muscle repair has made the most noticeable difference for me so far (and I was never bothered by my upper abdomen)
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