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I am excited about getting my permalip implants,...

I am excited about getting my permalip implants, but would love input on 4 or 5mm?? Everyone that gets 4 seems to want,..or does go bigger! 5mm ppl always seem happy, a few even wanting bigger than that. I do want my lips BIGGER, a noticeable difference, but nothing crazy, and from what I have seem 5 mm isnt over the top. Input? Thanks!
I went with the 4 mm at the recommendation of my plastic surgeon. He based it on the amount/volume of lip tissue I have and my desire for a more natural look. I'd ask your plastic surgeon what he or she thinks. Maybe get 2-3 opinions.
I think you would look beautiful with 5mm. Goodluck

I'm so glad you reached out and started your story here on RealSelf! You might also want to reach out to this woman who had the 5mm implants. Please keep us posted on what you decide!

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