Totally Not Worth It - Wilmington, NC

I had some light hyperpigmentation. Was just...

I had some light hyperpigmentation. Was just turning 40 and felt needed better skin, didn't want anything real invasive. Had no idea this would stay on my face, peeling gradually for days. Not to mention looking like a monster....only have this if you have a good week off! Anyway, I'm sure some people have had good experience, but I had even worse hyperpigmentation that took a long time to fade. I had been on Retina for years, so my skin was used to some 'harshness' and I was told I was 'prepared'.

Don't feel I received adequate support from aesthetician who administered it...she offered to do another one right afterwards....very contraindicated. Anyway, maybe it was just my skin was sensitive to it, but I'm really leary of peels, etc. now

Hyper pigmentation should not be felt within that matter because that is likely to aggravate it

A key part to your story may have been a lack of training for the aesthetician. Obviously I have no idea her training or skill level, but it seems that in under-trained hands peels can have results that are not exactly what was expected or wanted. I'm really sorry to hear you didn't see the improvement you were hoping for and appreciate you sharing your story with us.

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