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Grows Lasses and Brows but I'm Concerned About Long Term Effects - Wilmington, DE

I only paid 80.00 and bought Lattise on line...

I only paid 80.00 and bought Lattise on line without a doctors consultation. The effect was immeadiate - I saw results in a couple of days. I developed significat discoloration after one week on upper and lower lashes - I did not apply to lower. My eyes feel weird and my vision is a little blurry but its bearable. I have discontinued use on my eyes. Let's face it - we are ony born with one set. I find it disturbing that all these young women think of this as something that they can use for yearrs. I don't kow what I was thinking - I guess the after pictures one me over. I don't want longer lashes at the cost of some terrible side effect. I wil continue to use it on my brows.

 It seems that there are some ways to buy Latisse online legitimately, but I would be worried about getting counterfeit products. Were you concerned at all that the Latisse you got online was not the real product?

I checked the reviews and googled the website for evidence of fraud - it came in the Latisse box with the insert with drug information, detailed instructions and all of the brushes. It even came with a coupon from the company for repurchase. It's the same as the one a friend of mine recieved with perscription. I will probably purchase the generic again for my brows. They had almost dissapeared now that I'm 48 but now are filling in nicely. I'm hoping none of the side effects are systemic.

That is good that you checked into things pretty thoroughly. Has the discoloration it caused faded, or can you still see that?

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