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I am 45 yrs. old but most people think I'm 8 to 10...

I am 45 yrs. old but most people think I'm 8 to 10 yrs. younger than what I am. I just wanted to get a "freshened" up look and prevent more wrinkles.

It turned out horrible. My left eye drooped and my right eye brow looked like it belonged on Dr. Spock. I went back to the plastic surgeon (yes, I did my homework and went to a board certified doc) a week later and he put a little more above the right eyebrow. It did help a lot but I just don't look like my self. It's made my eyes very puffy, I've had a persistant headache and it looks like my whole forehead has dropped and people tell my I look tired. That is not what I wanted to hear after spending all that money. This truly has been a nightmare.

Hope this helps someone from going through what I'm going through now. I'ts been 2 weeks since having this done and they say it could last 3-4 months. I can't wait to look like myself again!


Bottom line...Botox is poison and has no place in the human body. No matter what type of doctor administers the injections, there is always a risk of having adverse effects. The more Botox a person has, the higher the risk becomes. It is not only damaging to the muscles in the face, but eventually wrecks havoc with the entire body including the immune and nervous system. It is a toxic substance!!! Do not believe all the lies about it such as it's harmless and does not spread to other parts of the body, wears off after 3-4 months with no side effects etc, etc. It's all a load of bull.
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I had a heavy brow after botox and spock eyebrows. I plucked off the eyebrows and drew them in. It lasted 6 weeks before there was good improvement and you could see the full extent of my eyelids. My provider only gave a low dose and was supposed to give me a top up. Certain people who raise their eyebrows a lot are not suitable for Botox. You need to see someone who really studies your facial movements and anatomy very carefully. I can never use Botox in my forehead because I will always have the same bad results.
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Kimmyo, I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I sounds like your dose was too much and location was incorrect. You developed ptosis on the left, which would not happen if you were properly measured (yes measured, there are certain landmarks that help minimize this risk significantly) and if your dose was conservative. You injection on the right was likely the Allergan method overdone, resulting in "Fergie" (the singer) or Spock eyebrow. Although you can now say "Hollywood eyebrow" and everyone knows what it is. Unfortunately, plastic surgeons are not the best doctors to do this procedure, they tend to be too aggressive. The good news this is temporary, and hopefully it will not last 3 months. You will certainly see gradual improvement. The headache, in addition in change to degree in muscle tone/tension may be the result of continuous stress which this failed procedure caused you. I first practiced injecting Botox on my husband who is a doctor (I'm a doctor myself), and the results were amazing. I recommend you go to someone who's known for being conservative dose-wise with their injections and who's work you have seen in person. If the injection you get is not enough after 10-14 days, you can always inject more.
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Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

I feel he put way too much botox in the wrong places.That's why I chose a plastic surgeon because they should know more about the muscles in your face.

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