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I am having a TT with muscle repair in October. I...

I am having a TT with muscle repair in October. I have been reading so many posts and have a couple questions. How do you feel in your clothes after? I see so many before and after pics with no clothes and have been so curious to see some pics or hear some feedback "clothes on". I have heard so many say that they didn't change pant sizes afterwards. Is this common? the reason I ask is that I wear my jeans just below my belly button but over all my lower pouch. So, if the pouch goes away I would think the jean size would go down too and hopefully could wear some of the cute low rise jeans. When I sit in jeans, I have my huge roll that folds over my pants. When I get the TT will I not have that anymore? Does it feel so wierd not to have that? I appreciate any feedback! All of the reviews and advice have been so helpful!


Everyone is different but I am eight weeks out and still have what I call "Swell Hell" by mid afternoon. Still not wearing my jeans because it is not totally comfortable. I think some of that though is the numbness in the abdomen. I don't think you will notice instant results in the clothing.
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I had a full TT and MR on May 3rd.I went down 2 sizes and when I stand up I look almost flat but when I sit I still have a small roll over my pants.Doesnt bother me and Im sure some is swelling.
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I had my TT on April 8th and I feel so different in my clothes! I started wearing jeans around 4 weeks post op and it was a very strange sensation. It took my tummy a little while to get used to it, I guess because my stomach is numb. Now I don't have a problem with them at all. I have gone from a size 13 to a size 7/9. It's awesome! I love being able to wear new, tighter clothes. I am wearing shirts I never had the confidence to before. I'm thrilled! :) Don't try on your pants too soon after surgery because it will be dissapointing. The swelling will make pants too tight and it made me feel like I had gotten fat. Just be patient with the swelling and then you will be able to enjoy looser pants and buying tighter clothes! :D
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So far he has been so helpful with all my questions.

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