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I'm Diane and I'm 32yrs old, and a mom to...

I'm Diane and I'm 32yrs old, and a mom to a 8yr old and a 2yr old, I'm counting the days till "Boobie Day", I couldn't be more excited. I honestly thought I would never have boobs and had pretty much just come to terms with it. So it feels like a dream, my surgery date is March 8th.

I only have my boyfriend and a couple friends to talk to about this, both the women I talk to about what's going on both have large breast so they are supportive but yet don't know why I want them, sooo. My boyfriend is really supportive in every way. I'd really like to meet some women who can relate.

Hi! I'm here in Fort Riley, I just had mine done yesterday...its been a fun and scary experience. :) What size are you hoping to change to and what are you now?
Wow really how are things going for you so far? Right now Im a A but I tell everyone Im a B lol Im going for my PreOp today to pick them out but my PS thinks about 400-450cc so about a D.

You've come to the right place! There are so many women on RealSelf in your shoes. Have a look around, read some reviews and comment away. You'll have support in no time! Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to hearing more as your big day gets closer.

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