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I had a excellent experience with getting...

I had a excellent experience with getting coolsculpt done. I did two in one setting with no pain. The only discomfort I had was when they had to massage the area after treatment. Even then it was not to bad. I am excited to see the results but right now its only been 5 days. The swelling has gone down a lot and still have a couple of bruises. The only thing I have noticed is that I have gained weight since the procedure and I have made sure that I have been eating right and drinking water. Husband says its still water retention so im not concerned yet.
Wow, your swelling went down in a week? Mine took 4 weeks. And I did have discomfort day 4-8. It has been 25 days and still see no change but I gained 3 lbs too! And I am really watching what I eat and exercising.
Yeah, I still have some swelling but most of it is gone. I am now having stabbing, stinging, itching sensations. I am one week today. You will have to let me know how things turn out for you when you hit 3 months and if there is any change. Where did you get it done at on your body?
I am 52, 5'4" and 150 lbs. I eat pretty healthy and do minimal exercise. Even as a competitve figure skater in my teens I had a small belly and menopause sure didn't help it. I had 2 large paddles done on my lower abdomen on January 27th. I had two small paddles done on my flanks on 2/6. The stabbing, stinging, itching sensations were killer for me day 4-8 but I didn't take medications. Working all day and a glass of wine at night helped :) So 3.5 weeks and at this point my lower abdomen itches a bit but now when I itch it feels good! I don't see any reduction, except I became VERY swollen for the first 2 weeks so that is now gone at least. I am hopeful. I will get this procedure done again at the end of March for the second round but I hope it is worth it. GOOD LUCK and I hope this gives you the results you hope for!
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My doctor was excellent!!!! Made sure I was comfortable. I love that office and I will go back there for anything else I need done.

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