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Botox--the Fountain of Youth in a Syringe! - Wichita

I have been using Botox for approximately six...

I have been using Botox for approximately six years, and I love the results!! I am 60 years old, and I feel much younger and think Botox is responsible for making me look younger, too. The aesthetician at my dermatologist's office tried for a long time to tell me that the wrinkle between by eyes and the wrinkles along my forehead would be perfect for Botox, but I was afraid to try it. Now I don't know why I waited for so long. It is wonderful!!


Hi 933334anon,

It's great to hear you not only feel youthful but also look it! How long had you considered Botox before you started it? Do you have pictures you would like to share? We love pictures. Thanks so much for your review.


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