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So I had twins that are six months old and a 3...

So I had twins that are six months old and a 3 year old. I absolutely love them to death, but they did a number on my body, I have always been somewhat self conscious of my body, and would love more curves, I have a troubled indent by where my pants sit on my hips that drive me nuts and huge love handles, I could def. use some sculpting. Hoping for a Brazil butt lift to even out my curves and breast augmentation to support what was lost during breast feeding. Now the question is, the US OR Domincan Republic. I have hear great things about Dr. Yily Santos but am unsure how I feel traveling alone to have such major surgery =/ but than I have the aspect of staying close to home with a price of around 14,000, Yikes, that's with two fat transfer to the buttocks and supposedly must needed lift and aug to the breast. I messaged Yily today waiting for a quote, and am waiting on Doctor Ross from Chicago to see price differences because I also have to think of traveling costs, so it might even out. Any thoughts or input would be great =]
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

How have your consultations been going? Are you any closer to choosing a doctor?
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