Why Me!!! I Just Wanted my Right Pocket Pulled Down Now I Have 2 Breast That Don't Match!

I  am so unhappy w/ my result after the...

I  am so unhappy w/ my result after the repair.. I lost fullness to my right breast now i ahve to different size breast. I am at loss over this I am so unhappy! I was told we would just pull the pocket down well it also was tacked up so you can see in my shirts I have two different breast! I had a lift and an implant put in .

Not sure what is going to happen next I am seeing him tomorrow 3-13-09 . But I am sure I will have to pay again to fix this mess! To fix it just local shots were used i felt the whole procedure!

I would keep at it until you are HAPPY!! I just had a re-do about month ago. I am VERY happy with the results now but I also had some saline added two weeks prior to that but didn't like the results. I can TOTALLY understand how you must feel. I went through the same sort of thing. I could not get it off of my mind until I did something about it. Hopefully your recent appointment went well and your surgeon is going to FIX it for you. I wish you luck. Hang in there!!
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