SmartLipo on Upper/lower Belly and Love Handles

I will be turning 40 this summer so I decided to...

I will be turning 40 this summer so I decided to get the smart lipo as a 40th B-day present to myself. The actual procedure (which took about 3 hours for 3 spots--upper and lower belly and love handles). I though this would be consired 1 area but I guess they consider this 3 areas (hence they got away with charging me for 3 areas).

The actual procedure was not that painful (although the numbing process was very painful). Now the post op--that's another story. A lot more painful than what I had expected. I am now on my 4th day and I am still very sore, bruised and swollen. I am still on pain medication and although it has been getting easier every new day --I am still amazed at how sore I am. I have 8 incisions and they are still very painful.

My question is this--why do we have to wear the compression garments 24/7 for the next 2 weeks and what happens if you don't wear the garment? I want to know the exact reason for the garment and is it true that the tighter the better? Also--could my actual garment (which is a body suit) actually be causing more harm than good?

I had the smart lipo procedure. I wear the garments everyday and love them. I bought 4! I rinse them out and switch them out of course, but find the extra support nice. I have 2 styles: with and without have sleeves, in two colors, black and beige. On some days, I switch to VS bra and thong, or do the halter and racer bra thing, but i enjoy wearing the compression garments. I did smart lipo in 2008. Now 22 months later, I did an area that I felt would give an overall better shape. I have fluid retention, and it's 6 days post surgery. I drink 9-12 glasses of water daily, and have done so for years. Wish the water weight would go so I could see my results! Very pleased with the smart lipo from 22 months ago.
The compression garmet aids in skin tightening and aids in preventing fluid retention - swelling / edema. You do want to wear it to assist in your recovery.
My understanding is that part of the smartlipo procedure is designed to develop skin tightening. The compression-wear is designed to keep the skin and underlying tissues approximated so that they heal faster and tighter. Without it, my understanding is that swelling may occur more substantially and interfere with tightening. We are undergoing liposculpture in 10 days (woohoo) and we're planning on keep the compressive-wear on for a month if we can. I was advised you can switch to a spanx outfit after 10 days or so, but check with your doctor to be sure on all of this. Good luck! S
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It's still early but so far I can see a difference (I think) Check with me 6-8 weeks from now....

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