This was the best self-esteem booster - Why Did I Wait So Long? - Virginia Beach, VA

This was the best self-esteem booster! On a scale...

This was the best self-esteem booster! On a scale of 10, my threshold for pain is about a 2. I had no pain...some discomfort but no pain. Three days after my surgery, I was out having lunch with friends. I really expected a long, painful recovery.

I'm just sorry that I waited so long to do it.

How long ago did you have it done? i went to a spoke to a doc today and she told me the cost was going to be $8,000..i was like wow! but if i could get it done for a little over $4,000 i am all for it. I just want to make sure im not getting what i paid for. ya know what i mean?
I did not find anyone in VA Beach doing it for a little over $4000 at all. They were all very close to $8000 especially if you want to do liposuction.
Where did you get your tummy tuck - can you send me the name and contact info of the doctor that did your surgery?
Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon

My down time was far less than what I expected. This surgery was easier than giving birth!

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