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I'm on day 2 of my first set of trays. My...

I'm on day 2 of my first set of trays. My bottom teeth have 24 trays scheduled and my top has 55!! It'll take me about 2 years till I'm done but I have two teeth up top that grew in too high cause my baby teeth didn't come out in time.

Anyway I think I finally got the hang of taking the out but I was wondering how long it takes until I didn't notice them. My mouth seems like it is always full of spit and my tounge gets irritated from rubbing the trays. Oh and I have 6 buttons on top and 5 on the bottom. Yeah they suck!

6517anon, that's rough. I really hope I don't have problems like your going through. I'm just about to put the second trays in tonight and hope for the best. I do not think they made all my trays in advance because I only get one set when I go to put in and 1 extra set to take home to put in 2 weeks later and then I go back to the dentist. The liners don't bother me as much as they did on the 13th when I originally posted, but they feel looser now. Does this happen toward the end of your 2 weeks? I'm a little worried with some of the stories I have read on this site that the invisalign doesn't always work and I wonder if they will work for me.
Yeah the invisalign does loosen up overtime and they are only really tight for the first day or two. My orthodontist only hands out one or two of my aligners at a time as well but they are all already made. I wish they wouldn't do it like that then I wouldn't have this problem. Not sure if I will continue treatment or not on the top teeth, it is just too inconvenient.
Hi good luck with your treatment. I had 42 aligners for the top and was told it would take 12-18 months to complete (even though I know now it is impossible if you wear each aligner for 2 weeks). It is now about 17 months in and I am only about half way. One of my teeth wouldn't move down and I have now wasted months trying to get this one tooth to move.
At the moment Invisalign is defintely not invisible for me. I have brackets on my teeth (at the front), numerous buttons and rubber bands. The rubber bands are also so tight that I can barely open my mouth. Invisalign is not convenient at all for me. It also makes it hard to speak.
I hope you have better luck. The best thing you can do is to have your invisalign made in batches (about every 6 months). They made mine all at the beginning and since I had problems with only one tooth now the rest of the top don't fit but I still have to wear them even though it is very uncomfortable and sticks out awkwardly.
Hope it all works out for you though. If I knew it was going to be like this I wouldn't have had it done.
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