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Hello everyone my name is Joe. I am 23 years old...

hello everyone my name is Joe. I am 23 years old and I am going to have a sleeve gastrectomy done Sept 12 2013. I am scared but also happy at the same time. I don't know how this will affect me . I am 270 pounds and I am ready for this new life style. I have never been slim my whole life time . I was born 10 pound and weight 220 my whole middle school life . I always been a big girl. I wanted to know from people that's going to do it and has had it done. What am i to expect? What am i to do? What are some tips and ideas you guys have to give me before i go in for surgery? because I have never had surgery before in my life this is my first time . I don't have diabetes, cholesterol or high blood pressure. Will i heal fast? Will i b OK . Will my skin sag somebody please give me some answers. Thanks guys i really appreciate the HELP


Don't be scared Joe you will be fine and tomorrow will be ur start on the road to skinny!!!! Best of luck tomorrow and I will pray for you!!! My surgery is October 8 th :)
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Hi Joe! That's super exiting!! Your surgery is tomorrow Yayyy!! i wish you nothing but the best and keep us posted on how everything is going!
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Post -operation

Hey guys it's been 2 days since my surgery . Day 1 I felt like Dieing day 2 look at me


Hi congrats how long were you in the hospital how long is the recovery process. are you able to walk or go to work? how much weight did you lose so far? im looking into the sleeve and is in the ny area.
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That's a beautiful smile Joe, I'm so glad you feel better than day one. What in particular was bad about it? I'm hoping to have mine done in the next few months, so any info would be great. I'm basically worrying about similar things to you, I too can't remember being slim, I starting gaining weight at six years old. I worry about loose skin but I'm 45, you are still young and have greater elasticity in your skin. Either way I'd sooner be slim and healthy with loose skin than like I am now, 300 pounds plus. I'm looking forward to seeing you transition into your new life!
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