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Scheduled my Surgery Date...- White Plains, NY

Eve since I was a teenager I have wanted to get my...

Eve since I was a teenager I have wanted to get my nose done. It is something that I am very insecure about & am a firm believer in "do what makes you happy, it is YOUR life". I have been looking at reviews on this website for over a year now and because of all of the positive reviews, decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ciardullo.

I had been on a few other consultations with other surgeons before, but they were either too serious which gave me a bad vibe or made me feel uncomfortable. Upon meeting Dr. Ciardullo, I felt very comfortable. He did not rush me at all & seemed happy to answer any & all of my questions. I have to say that now that I scheduled my surgery, I have been freaking out & second guessing everything. I have re-read all of his reviews & one girl seems very unhappy about her new nose which FREAKS ME OUT. I do not want to go through with something that I may end up regretting.

Also, I looked on other websites in which patients reviewed him and one patient did not give him a very good review. I think it just might be the pre-op jitters, because before scheduling it I was very excited & looking forward to it. One of the things I am most scared of is "going under". I have never been under anesthesia before, so after doing some online research about what it actually entails, I am petrified most about this.

As of now, I am going to go through with the surgery, as I have wanted it for years and years. Can anyone who has had a rhinoplasty done by Dr. Ciardullo offer me advice or words of wisdom to get through the time leading up to the surgery? Also, if anyone can send me before & after photos that they did not put up here, I would REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

Did you end up going through with the surgery? I am scheduled with Dr. C for May 2nd. He is going to fix my deviated septum along with the rhinoplasty.

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I know that going under is scary, especially when you haven't done it before, but you'll be surprised at how easy it is. Kind of like a nap where you don't dream.

If you're super anxious, you might as Dr. C. about some anti-anxiety meds to get you through this time.

Looking forward to following your journey and I'd love it if you'd post YOUR before and after pics, too!

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