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Trying to reduce enlarged pores. Dr. Gupta...

Trying to reduce enlarged pores. Dr. Gupta may be a talented eye surgeon. I went to see her for Laser Genesis, hoping for improved skin texture. She convinced me instead to do laser resurfacing. I'd done no research on it, but she was enthusiastic and I fell for it.

A month later, I am dealing with damaged skin that I have learned will not rejuvenate. Greatly enlarged pores (orange peel texture), fat loss, aged skin. This is becoming a common complaint and result of laser procedures, but doctors continue to use them because they are a cash cow. I wrote a heartfelt note to Dr. Gupta, which she did not bother to answer.

Please, if you are reading this, DO NOT consider lasers for your skin problems. And do not rely on Dr. Gupta to give you an honest opinion. Perhaps she is more supportive of her eye patients, but she ruined my skin and did not even respond. It is poor medicine, and more importantly, a sign of an immoral human being.


Hi By, 

Oh my, I'm so sorry this happened. Have you gone to another doctor to see if they could help or at least offer advice? 



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Actually, the best advice I got was from the team at Psoria gold. And their syrum did help a lot with healing... Not so much with the texture, but the sagging. They also gave me dietary suggestions and I am on supplements to promote healing.
I doubt my skin will ever look the same, but I feel better taking care of myself. And I've certainly learned my lesson about lasers.
A post script on my original review: Dr. Gupta's receptionist finally called. It happened after I posted some online reviews of my experience. So I guess that got her attention. I didn't call back though. There's no way I want her near my skin, and I've heard from too many folks wih laser damage that docs will simply write them off as having BDD. Which angers me, but I'm moving on.

Hi Bygone,

how is your skin now? are you still using the psoria gold? do you feel it is helping more than when you last posted?
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