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First Days of Invisalign - White Plains, NY

Today is day three of wearing my invisalign trays....

Today is day three of wearing my invisalign trays. I was not expecting a lot of what I am experiencing now. When I went in to my orthodontist's office to get my trays, I had no idea that I will need attachments and NO IDEA that invisalign requires attachments in most cases. I'm very pooped our about the attachments because they make the invisalign noticeable, even when I take off the trays, they're attached to my teeth, so it still shows. So that was a bumber, and I really didn't expect that.
I also did not expect the pain and pressure that I am experiencing... I wish my ortho informed me about that before I decided to begin my invisalign treatments. I also didn't expect dry lips!!! I am not sure how something inside my mouth dries the outside of my lips, but this is not cool... But, I will say this, its working. It is day 3 and I already feel the difference. My bite is different (because my teeth are shifting) and eating is difficult since my bite is not normal, but it'll even out eventually. It also hurts to eat because my teeth are sore all the time and again, it is hard to bite because my bottom front teeth are coming out taller so I can't grind with my back teeth easily.

I have a question for those who do have invisalign, does everyone get a DVD of how their teeth with move with each tray? My orthodontist played a video of that for me but he did not give it to me to have.


Hi, and welcome to RealSelf!  I wish you'd found us before you'd started treatment, since then you could have read others' experiences.  It seems a lot of people don't find out about the attachments until later, and they write about it on here.  Also, the discomfort and dry lips are other common complaints.  You are definitely not alone!  

The ClinCheck video you are talking about is not always given to patients, no.  Some are given a link to them, some a DVD, some don't even get to see them!  I was shown mine in the office but never received a copy myself.  I also didn't ask for it, so I don't know if she would have given it.  

I hope you take a look around the community and meet some others.  They can provide lots of tips and tricks for getting through this.  I'll give you some names :)

viktoriajvmlb502, and PreOrtho are all RealFriends and have a wealth of knowledge.  viktoria and mlb are almost done, but PreOrtho still has a while to go.

Without seeing your picture, I can't really guess who is most like you case-wise.  That'd be helpful.  Also, to know how many trays you're estimated to have at this point :).

I look forward to following your progress!
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iSimile Orthodontics

They do not inform you of everything you need to know or of what to expect or of the procedures you will have to undertake before you have to do them.... They do not seem to have much experience either, it is mostly run by assistants! Very minor Orthodontist attention....

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