Silikon 1000 in Lips & Nasolabial Folds - Tottally Worth It

Pros, I love that this is more on the permanent...

Pros, I love that this is more on the permanent side and you can gradually increase volume! TOTALLY SOFT!

Cons, THE ONLY CON I HAVE is that after my 3rd appt visit to do my upper and bottoms lip the scar tissue has formed and it became more painful each time. I suggest goin bigger and visiting the doc less. Also got it injected int he nasolabial folds because I had lines and it looks amazing.

I SPENT 800 DOLLARS TOTAL for unlimited injections!


you look good , do you have any before pictures to share ? Do your lips feel lumpy at all ?
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Kmed87...meant to say the implication was I would be happy with one treatment "although some people choose to do more) How many tx on lips and how many on the mouth "paragraphs" that is my biggest concern at this point and I'm expecting to have to get lower facelift to fix this but I'll see what Dr. Kass says.
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You look great and do you have before/after pictures? Dr. Karl Swanson in Clearwater charged me $750 for one treatment in 09 that he acted like I would be satisfied with and if you search my pictures you can see there was NO NOTICABLE DIFFERENCE and he was very charming until I came back unhappy and then he was very uncaring. I'm glad to hear success with the nasolabial folds as I'm hoping to get some work done with Dr. Kass in St. Petersburg who is expert in the face.
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Dr. Mishail Shapiro

Doesn't go away

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