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Really High Dosage of Botox

I had Botox injections of total 70 units at both...

I had Botox injections of total 70 units at both my masseter muscles to reshape my face, but there was no significant result after half year passed and the doctor suggested me having a second try by increasing the botox unit to 80 units (that is 40 units per side).

I wonder if this is a high unit? What is the unit doctors usually use to reshape face? Please give me some ideas and thanks in advance for your advice.

tarepanda, yes unfortunately the atrophy needed to reshape the jawline occurs over time with repeated treatments. it is a different process than getting rid of crows feet or glabella lines. one treatment and you wont see a lot of change.
the trick to the masseter muscle is that you have to create atrophy of this muscle in order to see effect of reshaping. in order to do this you have to have repeated injections, 4-5 at 25 to 30 units on each side.
you mean you have to repeat treatments 4-5 times? and there needs to be several months between each treatment? cuz i had botox to reshape my jawline but it only softens it. i cannot decide if i want more treatments, it seems like it doesn't have much effect.
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There was no significant results after treatment.

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