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I had this procedure done after a mini tummy tuck...

I had this procedure done after a mini tummy tuck to reduce a lump that was hanging around my panty line. I've had the same place injected maybe 5 times now and my small lump is still there. This was very painful with much swelling. Immediately after it is done I come very close to passing out. For several days afterwards I am in pain and I don't feel well not to mention the tenderness that drags on for months. Was it worth it? I gave it a "shot" because my Dr. did it for free. Would I pay for it? HA HA HA HA! I'd rather have another tummy tuck!


Nan, you probably got the lump from the botched job of the tummy tuck...you did say it was a lump hanging around your panty line. If you got a tummy tuck...why did you still have a lump???? Lipodissolve doesn't get rid of tummy tuck mistakes (i.e. left over skin and scar tissue) does it? I thought it got rid of fatty deposits...which should have been eliminated after the tummy tuck.. RIGHT? The doctor gave you the shot for free because they messed up!
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