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Restylane was way more painful than expected and...

Restylane was way more painful than expected and so far a hate the results. I just wanted to remove the lines on the top of upper lip and get a bit of fullness not look like daisy duck.

I had Restylane injections to smooth out the lines above my upper lip and plump both lips just a bit. My bottom lip is fine. The upper lip sticks out way beyond the bottom and I look silly.

It has been 5 days and I am starting to really not like this. Should I expect it to go down more over the next few days or no?

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I believe he recomended the wrong amount for a natural look. I said very clearly I did not want to look like a duck.

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Hi Forreal , Give your lips some time ( 2-3 days )to go down from swelling. If you do not see any improvement go back to the Dr. Hope all goes well !
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