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What Are the Best Choices for Eliminating Lumps from Sculptra?

I had one appointment of Sculptra injections 10...

I had one appointment of Sculptra injections 10 months ago to correct my really thin face. I am 47 and in very good health, and Sculptra appealed to me because it "uses your own body's natural collagen". I had no idea how scary that would become.

2 vials were administered in my cheek area only. We avoided using it anywhere else. I quickly had a lump which was treated with subsision and kenalog, twice. It came back. It is visible and several others have arrived, they do not show. I also have a squishy area that feels kind of gel-like in my cheek. It is not hard like the lumps, but I wonder if it will become one. I am afraid-- and don't know what to expect. My Dr. says we will treat them if they show, and leave them alone if they don't.

I did call the company that makes Sculptra and spoke at length with one of their pharmacists. This was actually quite informative. I was asked to make a report of my adverse reactions which I did, and I suggest everyone with Sculptra issues does this as well. What I am left with wondering how is just how much more lumpiness I can expect to occur before the Sculptra runs its course and biodegrades? I don't need more fuel to add to my panic. What I would like are clear ideas and suggestions from someone who has a good handle on how Sculptra works in the body.

How long does Sculptra remain in the body before biodegrading? How long can one expect lumps to continue to arrive after one injection appointment? Do lumps ever go away on their own? If so, how long can it take? Short of surgery, what other measures are good to try to eliminate lumps? I am already worried sick about this whole ordeal. I feel very foolish and have no intention of using Sculptra again, but this where I am today. Any healthy input would be welcome.

If you massage your face for 5 mins. twice daily the bumps should go away....did you massage for 5 days after your treatment??? That's whatI was told to do....5 mins 2X daily for 5 days......I had a GREAT outcome....I too had lost a lot of weight and my face looked deflated.....I LOVE IT!!!!! GOOD LUCK.....hope I helped in some small way.
I agree, I like my first session(yesterday) and hate the massaging... hurts because I am bruised. 5 times a day for 5 mins for 5 days I was told....so I do it. Starting to absorb some of the fluid the product is mixed with. But am impressed. Will continue my sessions.
My plastic surgeon rocks. Totally trust him.
I had sculpture before from another place and I know think I was given mostly saline.......one needs to be careful
no one answered the question!!!
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Not for this procedure. I think they are nice people, but this was not a great experience.

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