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Bumps After Botox on my Frown Lines Between my Eyes

I had Botox to treat mild frown lines between my...

I had Botox to treat mild frown lines between my eyes. There was minimal to no discomfort at the time of injection, but today there is some soreness and 2 knots. They almost look like cystic nodular acne.

I had Botox injections yesterday for the first time, on my frown lines between my eyes. Today I have 2 knots, one on the outside of each frown line. The knots are mildly sore and very slightly red. Should I be concerned or just wait a few days for them to resolve?


Hello -- Wondering how long it took for the bumps to go away?
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I had botox 6 days ago. Starting 24 hours after the injections and still continuing, I have had pronounced swelling between the 2 frown lines I was hoping to diminish. At my appointment I was told I have very strong muscles in this area. Will this go away? And do we need to use more botox next time?
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Question:Bumps after Botox on my Frown Lines between my Eyes? Answer: Injection of Botox in the frown lines between the eyes are usually presents a very transient elevation of the skin due to the saline volume injected. Within one to two hours this elevation is usually diminished or gone. If a small blood vessel is nicked in the injecting process, there may be some bruising or a more prolonged swelling in this region. This swelling should abate with time. Otherwise, “bumps” after Botox has not been my experience or the experience of my colleagues.
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