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I am very experienced in cosmetic procedures...

I am very experienced in cosmetic procedures without looking like I am. This time I made a mistake. I became overly comfortable with my Dr. and became chatty about kids etc. Should have kept my eye or mirror on the ball! I had Radiesse one time before. I had it on my nasal lines down to my mouth ( ). At that time, she put a tiny bit in on one little wrinkle I had under my mouth, and it turned out great, she said I just had 1 tiny drop left and wanted to put it to good use. I had forgotten that but she wrote it on my chart that she treated that area. She did my nasal lines and then went to town on my areas between my chin and mouth. I hate it. I can feel it in my mouth when I eat and my lips don't look as full (never had anything or needed anything done to my lips) and it just doesn't look like my mouth area. I look like I have had something done and that is what I have always taken pride in avoiding. It also was VERY painful and the swelling is bad. I am taking arnica, and am praying the swelling subsides a lot in the next few days.

Lesson: No matter how comfortable or familiar you are with the Dr., ask for a mirror and have very clear dialogue PRIOR to any procedure.

It has been 2 weeks, the swelling did subside and things look much better. I can feel it but it has settled and does not appear as lumpy although with certain movements I can see where it was put and will not be putting it on my chin area again. However, at this point, I am pretty sure I am the only one who can see it unless you are looking for it. It did change my face shape a bit to something a bit less defined which is what fillers can do. Communication is key on both sides.

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Oh my, that's crazy that you can feel it in your mouth. Have you gone back to your doctor to see if she can fix it? 



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I will wait on a full rating until the swelling completely subsides, but I blame a lot of the lack of communication on myself.

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