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I had restylane injections in my tear troughs and...

I had restylane injections in my tear troughs and nasolabial folds. Prior to my injections I had researched experienced plastic surgeons to do the procedure for about 2 months. I went on-line and read some real horror storys especially with the tear trough injections and how if is an extremely sensitive area to inject if you are not experienced, so I was very nervous up to the date of my procedure, However, Dr Ryan Greene took all those nerves away, he was caring, honest and truly a savant at what he does. My injections were painless and I had very little swelling and bruising the next day. It is now day 5 and my face looks awesome thanks to Dr. Greene. I have no lumps, bumps or bruising, If anyone is looking to have any type of procedure done facilly Dr. Greene is definitly the one to go too. Thank You Dr. Greene!!!!!!!!! See you soon.
Fort Lauderdale Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Ryan Greene Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It is wonderful to hear how pleased you are! It does seem the tear trough area can be a touchy one, so I'm always happy to hear when it turns out like a person hoped.

If you had to choose between having the under eyes done, or having the nasolabial area done, which would you choose? I'm always curious to hear which areas people think have the biggest impact.

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I would definitly had the nasolabial area done. My eye's werent teriibly bad. but I had a very deep wrinkle on the left side of my face from sleeping on that side and over the years it progressed and became more prominent.
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Thanks for filling me in!

I'm a side sleeper too. I always try to convert myself to a back sleeper, but sleeping on my side is just so much cozier! Have you ever tried to convert, or are you a side sleeper for life?

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